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July 8, 2014No Comments

Quaint has come a long way in the short nine months since our launch. Two issues later, and with a third in the oven (so to speak), we couldn't be prouder of our wonderful team, and the amazing writers who submit to and publish with us.

We certainly never expected the response to our little magazine to be as overwhelmingly positive and excited as it has been. One of the most rewarding things about running Quaint is the chance to be a part of this weird, kooky, boundary-pushing group of intersectional writers, readers, editors and publishers. The network of people that Quaint is reaching seems to be growing exponentially with the release of each issue, and we have many exciting things planned for the future of the magazine (can anyone say 'print issue before the end of the year?'--that's right, I knew you could).

With Quaint growing so fast (and so furious) we find ourselves oftentimes with more day-to-day work than our tiny skeleton team can manage.

That's where you come in!

Quaint is looking for two social media interns to join our talented and frighteningly intelligent intern Nicole in managing the Quaint Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. The ideal applicant will be:

  • Experienced in managing accounts on all platforms, but most specifically Tumblr.
  • Knowledgeable in the quirks and idiosyncrasies of hashtags for each platform, and knowledgeable on how best to network, interact, and cross-reference through hashtags.
  • Able to commit to at least an hour a day casual social interaction/blogging on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook (basically, you'll be able to commit to at least an hour a day of sporadic retweeting/reblogging/posting links).
  • Have a proven track record with growing followers/subscribers/likes via social media (this would be the time to tell us about that cool fandom blog you run, that has 1500 followers).
  • Be excited and enthusiastic to interact with our team in our 'digital office', chat with us, contribute your ideas, and give us your 0.2 cents on the future of Quaint!
  • Be enthusiastic about the possibility of creating content for the Quaint social media accounts and blog, in the form of book reviews, short think pieces, quotes, and graphics.

This is, unfortunately, an unpaid internship, as Quaint is helmed and run by a team of extremely stressed TAs and grad students. But we truly believe this will be valuable experience for the ideal candidate, and of course if/when Quaint ever becomes a for profit organization, your position will be re-evaluated. Also, it'll be fun! Promise!

Interested parties can apply by sending an email to quaintlitmag@gmail.com--please include a little about yourself (who are you? What are you about? What's your favorite book? Dragons or unicorns?), links to any blogs, websites, or social media accounts you manage/run (particularly if you've had any experience running social media for an organization), and a little about your work/study background and what you think you can contribute to the Quaint team.

As ever, Quaint is committed to providing a place for female-identified and gender non-binary folks to do their own sweet magical thing. As such, we will not be taking applications from cis-men. Thanks for understanding!

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