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Vile Misandrist Harpy!

October 18, 2014No Comments

Our Kickstarter has only two short days (and some change) to go, and what better way to celebrate than adding our most exciting reward tiers yet!?

Continuing the fine tradition of ironic misandry, Quaint designer and webwoman extraordinaire Alicia has come up with some rad feminist garb that will give the middle finger when yours is in need of a little holiday.






















The shirts come in a range of sizes, colors and styles, and are super comfy and (we feel) SUPER on point. Not feeling the t-shirt vibe? Check this out:








Ideal for your tote bag, baseball cap, the lapels of your vintage leather jacket, or for piercing your nose in English class. Whatever gets you off.

If you haven't already, do consider backing the Kickstarter. All proceeds go to funding the print issue, paying for AWP costs (table, mostly--we're paying for airfares etc on our own dime) so we can throw you the greatest fucking party ever, and paying contributors & fees associated with maintaining our Submittable account. Help us help transwomen, ciswomen, and nonbinary writers!




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