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A Very Quaint Thank You

November 4, 2014No Comments

Our dear supporters, fans and spruikers,

Last week, we made our Kickstarter goal. We are so, so thankful that you have turned out in force to support our efforts to create a literary zine for women and non-binary folk that represents our voices while pushing the boundaries of awesome literature.

Thank you to our backers, who put their hard earned money behind us in support. Your support means the world to us, and it means that we can continue to expand the magazine and allow it to evolve without the constraints of self funding.

Thank you to the number of you who retweeter, reblogged, shared and liked our posts, calls for help, and new material. Without you, we wouldn't have had the hope of reaching out to get this over the line.

Because of your help, we get to evolve. You have generously shown your support for what we do and make the call for diverse works from people who are under represented in published literature loud and clear.

Behind the scenes, we are hard at work. We hope that the fourth issue, along with all merchandise and perks, will be sent by mid-december. After that, this Kickstarter means that we are able to make an appearance at the Association of Writers & Writing Program (AWP) Conference and Bookfair next April.

We can't thank you enough, and now as we return to work, we work towards a goal that makes every dollar donated worth it!

With our love,

The Quaint Team

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