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Sailor Moon Sunday? World Destroying Vagina Gem!

November 23, 2014No Comments
It’s Sailor Moon Saturday Sunday! Ever Saturday (or Sunday, apparently), our wonderful CNF editor Soleil Ho will review a new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal (watch it now on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and other reputable online entertainment hubs). We’re making sure to keep a few episodes behind, giving you plenty of time to catch up and allow for spoiler-free watching.Also because sometimes we're lazy. But we'll pretend it's for your benefit. Yolo.

Hello friends and lovers! I’m back and as rambly as ever in this week’s installment of Sailor Moon Saturday, wherein the Legendary Silver Crystal finally goes viral and Tuxedo Mask outs himself as a super cute baby. Of course.

As supported by the bridal shop shenanigans in the last episode, I feel like this series is filled with really stupid plans that go spectacularly awry. This time, it’s Tuxedo Mask who sets the disaster machine in motion as he tips off the media on the existence of the Legendary Silver Crystal. “A world-destroying gem? In MY vagina? News at 11!” Though the Dark Kingdom is initially miffed by Tuxedo Mask’s unorthodox tactics, they turn the tide in their favor by sending Zoisite, everyone’s favorite crossdressing villain, to whip the public into a supernatural crystal craze. However, all this seems to do is drive people to look in fairly mundane places: Mama Tsukino pulls out all of the drawers in her house to look. Does the Dark Kingdom really think that the crystal is just lying in a ditch somewhere? Who the hell is driving this ship?

Speaking of which, this is also the episode where Luna pulls a major Kyubey (of Puella Magi Madoka Magica) and drops bomb after bomb on the clueless senshi. (Clueless by her design, naturally.) I, for one, would not have been so eager to fight monsters and sexy men in grey uniforms every day without knowing exactly what the point of everything was, so the fact that the senshi just sit there and gape as Luna finally spills the deets on important shit like who/what they’re looking for is a bit ridiculous to me, but whatever. Honestly though, I find Luna less trustworthy than Kyubey, even though they both use the “You’ll understand why I did this” approach. At least Kyubey is upfront about how little he gives a fuck about the magical girls he hangs with. Luna’s sentimentality doesn’t seem real to me; it seems condescending, to say the least.

That’s probably why Usagi’s rebellious embrace of Tuxedo Mask seems so refreshing in this episode. He’s down with the clown, as it were, whereas Luna is stubbornly high-and-mighty when she really should be giving the girls more credit. I also really love the scene here where Tuxedo Mask catches Usagi as she starts falling; the cheesiest 80s electric guitar ballad comes on and that shit is straight out of like Top Gun, or the background music for a visual novel centered around people pissing on each other. So good. Mamo encourages her to live up to her potential, helping her see her own strengths. That’s real support! It’s not like he can do much for her other than serve as the occasional meat shield, but we can’t all have world-destroying powers, can we?

1455981_591794204224678_571490983_nSoleil Ho is a freelance writer, and chef living in New Orleans. Her essays have appeared in Mason’s Road, Bitch Magazine, The Heavy Table, Interrupt Mag, Impreachable, CLAP zine, the Twin Cities Runoff, and Art Review & Preview. Whenever she visits her grandmother, there always seems to be a big bowl of chicken curry on the table, just for her. You can find a bunch of her writing at soleilho.tumblr.com.

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