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Sailor Moon Saturday: This is the End

January 20, 2015No Comments

Though I think you've known this for a while now. I confess: I just can't hang with this series any more. I cycled through denial, anger, bargaining, and depression with Sailor Moon Crystal and its frustrating lack of anything good or decent to contribute to society, and now we have landed at acceptance. That is to say, this series is irredeemably bad. Save for its sadly wasted theme song, this series is horribly anti-woman and, to add insult to injury, doesn't even look good enough to justify the psychological cost of me peeling my eyelids open just to make it through another episode of doe-eyed blow-up dolls giving as much blank regard to each other as they would to the scenery. It just— the whole thing just made me feel sadder and sadder, you know? Sad for myself for wasting my time, sad for the kids who are going to be glomming onto this when it finally airs on TV, sad for all of the hours of humanpower misallocated into the making of another story about women who are nothing without men.


I'm going to go watch The Rose of Versailles.

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