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Happy Birthday to Quaint! DISCOUNT TIME!

November 18, 2015No Comments

Can you believe it? Quaint Magazine just turned two!

It's been a pretty crazy couple of years. What started out as a grouchy reaction against misogyny in publishing--a small online journal with a modest reach--has exploded into a quarterly print, PDF, and online literary magazine that has consistently published exciting, strange, and boundary-pushing work by a whole host of writers who I feel privileged to have worked with. We've attended the largest writing conference in North America, hosted a kickass reading party (and then an equally kickass remote/online reading), helped put on local events in New Orleans, and so much more.

We've also worked hard on developing our blog, posting reviews, articles, and pop-culture criticism on a more regular basis. We've been honored to work with folks like Caroline Fulford and Stephanie Monohan on their Cinema of the Teen Girl series, as well as many vital pieces by writers and activists like Savannah Sipple, Stacia M. Fleegal, E. Kristin Anderson, and Sarah Xerta. Since we're a small, underfunded (read: non-funded) enterprise operating out of my living room, it would be inaccurate to say business is booming. But busy-ness is definitely booming, and I couldn't be happier.

Right now, Quaint feels like it's at a midway point; the toddler phase where the intensive supervision might be over, but the real parental legwork is only just beginning. In 2016, we're looking at a total restructure; a devoted team of part-time volunteers who can help us continue to put out a high-quality publication four times a year, as well as help manage our social media and keep up a steady pace with reviews and other blog content. If you've reached out to us recently looking for an internship, we're working on getting back to you! And as ever, we're always looking for blog pitches (which can be emailed to quaintlitmag@gmail.com).

To celebrate Quaint's foray into the terrible twos, print issues of #4 and #5 are DISCOUNTED/ON SALE in the Quaint Store. You can grab #4 for $8 + s/h, and #5 for $10 + s/h. We also still have a VERY limited supply of the incredible Eunsong Kim's Copypaper: Ream One for sale at the astoundingly low price of $5 + s/h. As ever, ALL of our issues are available as free PDF downloads from our Gumroad site, though you have the option to donate if you feel so inclined (our eternal gratitude will follow).

Stay tuned for super exciting news regarding annual Quaint subscriptions. We're crunching the numbers and putting together some truly awesome packages, which will get you 4 issues a year (ish--deadlines sometimes get pushed back a little, because hey, we're all doing this in our spare time, and running a lit mag is no joke!) plus an awesome NO MEANS NO tote bag & fun stickers.

To everyone who has submitted work, volunteered their time, attended our events, chilled with us on social media, and read and enjoyed the exceptional work we publish, thank you for hanging out with us for the past two years! It's been a total blast, and we hope it will continue for many, many years to come.

All my love,



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