From Seven Houses (2435 Pauger Street) – Nordette Adams

Damned if Cohnder Bitch ain’t called NOPD

again. Them grab Cray, McSwag. There Deuce,

ass out. Sun gleam on him black cheeks. Cuff my Shay. Hmph.

No more spoon smoke. Been spoon-smoke fed lots

since flood choked streets. Smoke sweet in my branching

splits of plaster. Termites here catch hits too. Walls

be jittering, chews at my bones. N-i-i-i-ce.    I’mma itcha month

probbly. Two policemens. Them cover one on stretcher.

Dead crackhead. Nothing new.       Who gon’ scratch me?

Roaches, mices, lizards crackling brown newspaper cain’t

smoke! Damp dirt smell swell soon all over. Jungle creep be cooing

“Come sleep!” Algae and them vines want my bones be green.

But I like piss, blood, shit. This my peep’s perfume. My fix.

Nosy Cornder Bitch, doh, her hood watch. Keep me alone. Empty

till good take. Her booougie. Her blonde take over. Her need to go.

Nordette N. Adams is a poet and journalist who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is completing her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of New Orleans and is a contributing editor at Her poetry has appeared in the Adagio Verse Quarterly, Mad Zineius, Poetry Life & Times, and the Times Picayune. She is also a winner of the Sandhills Literary Magazine fiction award and looks forward to studying poetry this summer in Italy.

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