Have you heard about Instar Books? Well, you dang well should get yourself educated. Instar is a new partner of O/R Books who publish the likes of Yoko Ono and Julian Assange. Instar’s mission statement is to offer writers and readers work that pushes boundaries, defies genre convention, and offers texts are “social destinations, as performance, and also as digital sculptures, or “seeds.”

Which all sounds pretty frickin’ cool, am I right?

Here’s what Instar has to say about their company:

We do not believe that genre distinctions are meaningful. Novelists and poets do not want to work for massive media conglomerates or make more bricks for giant corporate hell-castles. Readers do not want their literature mediated by marketing executives trying to build inoffensive global brands. We offer an alternative, unconvinced that readers and writers must only choose between old media incompetence or new technology relentlessness in order to consume and produce great work.

Instar’s debut title, The Black Emerald, by Lambda Literary Award nominee Jeanne Thornton, will debut at Instar’s official launch in New York City on Tuesday, August 5th. In addition to readings by Jeanne, Todd Anderson, and Miracle Jones, Quaint Issue 2 contributor Clare Louise Harmon will read from her upcoming poetry collection, also to be released by Instar.

Here’s the official press release for The Black Emerald:

A high schooler finds her drawings corrupted by a haunted stone she inherits from a suicidal underground cartoonist. A video game addict discovers a vast, hidden dimension to colonize in the walls of his girlfriend’s apartment. A philosophy student seeks anonymous Craigslist sex with the ubiquitous devil that stalks her. In this new collection from Jeanne Thornton, author of The Dream of Doctor Bantam (a Lambda Literary Award finalist in 2012), reality and relationships blur, creating a queer pulp experience with a literary sensibility, a hallucinatory journey into despair—and, possibly, toward hope.

The release party and Instar’s launch are to take place at Le Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker Street, New York, NY, at 7pm. We reckon you’d be a fool to miss it, so if you’re in the area, check it out! Instar are committed to diverse representation amongst its writers, and we can’t wait to get our mits on a review copy of The Black Emerald!





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