Our phenomenally talented cover artist Rebecca Chaperon talks about creativity, her process, and life as a working artist in this interview from Chris Bentzen.


Born in the United Kingdom in 1978, Rebecca now lives and works in Vancouver, where she received a degree in fine arts from Emily Carr University. A picture book of her series Eerie Dearies is available for purchase from her website, as are limited edition prints of Lady of the Pink Lake, the work featured on the cover of Issue 4!



Of Lady of the Pink Lake, Chaperon says:

When I created this piece I knew that I wanted to create a painting that paired with another cave painting called “Hyperbole” that I made in 2011. The figure in that piece was extending her arms into a dark cave at night as though exploring the dark, dank cave air with her finger tips.

“Lady of the Pink Lake” illustrates the theory that the cave she reached into was actually a portal into another dimension. But there is also an existential exploration going on with both of these images that goes beyond the literal narrative. These works are about transformation and possible futures, parallel worlds and parallel selves.

The work in Quaint Issue 4 (available for purchase SO SOON–look for us at AWP Minneapolis from April 8-11, table 856, near the back of the hall and towards the bathrooms) fits the aesthetic well: it’s lyrical, creepy, transcendental and other-wordly. It’s got guts. It’s the kind of work that makes you feel like you’re about to take a deep drop into the darkness, unsure where your feet will land. We’re so excited to share it with you soon, and hope you’ll join us for our launch party in Minneapolis on April 10th! “But there’s no address!” we hear you cry–that’s because it’s a secret location! Shoot us an email at quaintlitmag@gmail.com, and we’ll hook you up!

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