Issue One

With works by Sarah Askins, Vanessa Borjon, Portia Elan, Kat Finch, Caroline Goetze, Jean Ho, Kelly Jones, Mary King, Jill Kolongowski, ME. Riley, Janice Sapigao, Karen Skolfield and Diana Valenzuela, this collection of works is provocative, daring, and not one tiny bit just “quaint”.


Issue Three

With works by Rose Wednesday, Caitlin Baird, Becca Shaw Glaser, Chelsey Clammer, Staci Schoenfeld, Melody Sage, Susan DeFreitas, Shelley Wong, L.A. Owens, Carol Shillibeer, Jessie Strauss, Sara Leavens, Mo Hawthorne, and Magda Knight, this issue is sure to impress. 


Issue Two

With works from Julie Brooks Barbour, Sarah Bridgins, Kori Hansell, Clare Harmon, iDrew, Maya Lowy, Leslie McGrath, Suzanne Wise, Eunsong Kim, Maggie Bàra, Colleen Burner and Amarie Fox, this issue is brave, insightful and gutsy.


Issue Four

With works by Kelly Harwood, Raquel Salas-Riveria, Julie Feng, Keira McKenzie, Clare Welsh, Kelsie Hahn, Hannah Baggott, Kathryn Jacobs, Katrina Carrasco, Jill Khoury, Red Durkin, Katy Collier, Alexis Rhone Fancher, Karissa Morton, Danielle Gillespie, Sarah Xerta, Elizabeth Schmuhl, Kate Litterer, Susan Cronin, Jade Hurter, Viola V, Chavisa Woods, Nikki Wallschlaeger, Amy Pence, Nicole Rollender, Allie Moreno, Alicia Catt, Emily O’Neill, and Rachel Chaperon, this bumper issue is our first available in print and on screen.

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