House of Foals – Nichole Riggs

ASTRID: I hung myself in the house
of foals, in a multiplicity of
bunnies, fur pressing into me
and ganglion legs;
my eyes plucked
and replaced with starbursts
of nothingness;
rodent breath tightened
the delicacy of my throat-
skin. They cut me
down I fell elven into
Helheim, burrowed my way
past gold stores, masks
of money, the filth of
cashfloes; picked through
scabs marring mouths,
gilded stitchings rohypnol
imbued I slipped through
gored tunnels to this
chaos hovel.
…………..My voice
chewed through rust
neck-cables, that dormant
vermin slept-tight
chorded and cocooned
itself with droppings, off-
spring, they flee frenzied
from my stomach’s
lit fire-pit. I heave
puddles of music
decorate my new domicile
in puke-fuschia which
pomegrenades itself
into wall clusters,
hatch-sacs of freedom,
and all the seed warts
of fortune dare to say
is to echo back my own

Nichole Riggs is an MFA candidate at the University of Notre Dame, where she studies poetry and literature. She currently holds an editorial position with Action Books, and periodically works wth Spork Press. Her other interests include bookbinding, baking pies, dancing, anime marathons, and all things Alice in Wonderland. Nichole has poetry published most recently on, in addition to #thebestiary issue of White Stag, S/tick Online Feminist Magazine, and Transcendence Magazine.

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