Notes from the Editors: Soleil Ho

Soleil Ho – Co-Founder/Shadow Editor

As Quaint’s self-proclaimed “shadow editor,” I usually don’t write these things. If I could put it nicely, I’m the kind of person who prefers to let the work speak for itself. But truthfully, I find that writing about writing can get pretty tiresome. That’s why everyone skips the editor’s note to get to the meat of the magazine, right? At least I do. (Or, if I’m included in the journal’s contents, I’ll skim the note for the nice things the editor might have said about me.)

Before I say all of those nice things for our terrifyingly great writers, let me have an auntie moment and talk about my favorite thing to do lately. My favorite thing to do lately is to publicly pretend that certain people and things that annoy me (like Ernest Hemingway, Batman, Amy Schumer, Back to the Future, the Beatles, and Bruce Covey) don’t exist, because that annoys a lot of people in delightful ways. And certain people in authority hate being told that they and the things they think are important don’t matter to you, the individual. It really gets their goats!

After doing this for a while, I started to notice other things more: the wonder of people and work that are often looked over when we’re trained to turn our attentions toward the easy things, the authoritative things. Undoing the violence of cultural hegemony, of the canon, is actually really hard work, and you will be forever branded a spoilsport when you decide to go for it. But god, what beauty there is out there!

Issue 5 is full of the shining things you’ll find if you look a little bit harder for your sustenance. There are images that will stun you, like the fluttering, hesitating hand of Deanne Gertner’s protagonist in “Beautiful Beasts,” and the orgiastic array of sharp edges and light in Juliet Cook’s “pincers.” Tessa Cheek and Tyrese Coleman will make your heart do somersaults, for lives both used up and barely spared. And Nordette Adams plays with tone brilliantly in the two poems we took from her “From Seven Houses” series.

I could go on, but let me just tell you that it has been a privilege working with the writers in this issue, and we are always amazed by the kind of work that lands in our laps when we reassert our dedication to publishing women and nonbinary writers. So I’m going to end with an appropriately auntie-style quip: when you let yourself go beyond what you’ve been spoonfed, trust that you’ll find a feast waiting for you.


Soleil Ho

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