Humans on the Half Shell – Kathryn Jacobs

Like oysters, we build walls between
the fork, and servings on the half-shell.
So we rarely hear the ocean:

All those prongs,
and we’re so very squishy. Seaweed swings
with every undulation, rhythmically,

but we’re too busy shrinking;
can only coalesce so often. Shells

form, stiffer than asbestos
and the strings
form lumps like ganglia, and toughen me.

But in the midst of all that, now and then

a wave slaps on my cup-shaped carapace
until my boom-box echoes, and I stretch
to touch the foam, my hands gelatinous,

and wonder what I’m missing –

Kathryn Jacobs is poet, medievalist, and the editor of The Road Not Taken. Her most recent book, Wedged Elephant, will appear in Summer 2015 from Kelsay Press, and her last book, In Transit, was published by David Roberts Books. The author of numerous articles and chapbooks, her poems have been appeared internationally in Xavier Press and Whiskey Island, Acumen, River and South, Raintown Review, and Poetry South, among others.

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