On Red – Jade Hurter

i long for you,
half mammal. i wander
the salt flats

calling your name. silence forms
like a stone in my jaw.

flamingos rise from the earth,
pale as blood.

i remember loving you
in the cranberry bogs

of another world,
your skin cold in the mud.

i knew you: mouth, fur,
fingers, feet.

now you have swallowed the red
from the earth.

i want to uncover the crimson
of your belly.

want to know again the wonder
of the amaryllis.

want to watch my own blood drain
in a brilliant sea
across the salt.

Jade Hurter is an MFA candidate at the University of New Orleans, where she works with the Greater New Orleans Writing Project and the Scholastic Writing Awards of Southeast Louisiana. She also reads submissions for Bayou Magazine. She has been a semi-finalist in the SLS Unified Literary Contest and has received the Mona Adilman Prize for Poetry. Her muses are her two cats and Tim Riggins.

You can follow her on twitter @sp4cecat.

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