Telegony – Hannah Baggott

Wind thickened with tea-steam and brine,
I pocketed heavy history—each page grazed
for cocaine on the plane back to a home I hoped
had forgotten me. Home: my mother asks me
if I still believe in our God, or had I felt something
else out there—something foreign? She keeps a list
of the pagans she knows. Once, I saw a swan break
the arm of a man who got too close, and the cameras came
and questioned my face in white flashes. But in Greece,
a swan can rape beautifully, and there are no photos—
only sketched curves, fluid from thigh to neck, and no one cries.

Hannah Baggott is a Nashville, TN native currently pursuing an MFA in poetry at Oregon State University while teaching English Composition courses with a rhetorical focus on gender and media. She helps run an open mic for poetry and spoken word for the Corvallis community, and has recently been awarded the 2015 Bellevue Literary Review Marcia and Jan Vilcek Prize for Poetry. Her work can be found or forthcoming in Tupelo Quarterly, Stockholm Review of Literature, Open Minds Quarterly, Contrary Magazine, and other journals.

Keep up with Hannah at (and @hannahbaggott ).


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