Terraforming – Allie Moreno

Would wonder be the same if you said
unafraid if you could harbor the dark
in your hands but sleeping the coffin
would it bore you to drink down
to keep the door open
to trip through it knowing
and ignoring the screaming lights
are these your keys to sell
but so often we are softer than we made out
tossing the parts of it we admire
we could buy her could something nice
these long lines this one time
we were shining
we were poison
to be in the position to climb
go find tore out the comrade
the terraforming
could you all have lied to me
to save your own backs
standing out without conscience
just rolling the format would take all that
but these photographs
would be legends
go out if it calls you
but don’t forget those who’ve slept on your floor
this is nineteen dead on delivery
let me in to drink the dust we kicked up
hold onto the walking with blind
what we’ve built here the tired race
can you face me
unhinged in the admission I was her
can you cap what little we have
what enough we have cracked up
all us and sober
leaning over the kiln and
dancing out of our skins
you were a master of it
or at least that was what we said

Allie Moreno has an MFA in Writing from UC San Diego and her work has most recently appeared in HTMLGIANT, As It Ought to Be’s Saturday Poetry Series, and the San Diego Poetry Annual. Allie writes about identity, belonging, and her experience as a trans-racial adoptee.

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