Vancouver, July 2012 – Jade Hurter

I am on the seventh floor of
my friend’s cousin’s apartment
and I am sitting cross-legged
on the sea blue comforter and in
my hand is a gun the color
of a hydrangea stem
Inside the gun are blanks
which I don’t quite
understand for example why
does one metal bullet shoot
fast and deadly from the gun
while this metal bullet falls out—
hold the gun higher he says
hands like this
the grip is rough plastic and my palms
are perspiring although I do not
feel nervous in fact I feel
better than I ever have
a girl with a gun in her hand
and while holding this gun
which is a semiautomatic pistol
I understand what people in Texas
get so worked up about
and I too want to defend
the second amendment in a citizens’
militia in which each of us
is a girl with a gun
armed and deadly spreading across
the USA killing cops and
shooting the rich
to give their clothes to the poor and
snort cocaine from their coffee tables—
and now pull the trigger he says
and my fingers clench around
the trigger which is hard as bone
and it does not budge
although I am pulling with all
my heart

Jade Hurter is an MFA candidate at the University of New Orleans, where she works with the Greater New Orleans Writing Project and the Scholastic Writing Awards of Southeast Louisiana. She also reads submissions for Bayou Magazine. She has been a semi-finalist in the SLS Unified Literary Contest and has received the Mona Adilman Prize for Poetry. Her muses are her two cats and Tim Riggins.

You can follow her on twitter @sp4cecat.

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