Quaint Magazine – Issue One

Issue One Cover


50% of all purchases of Issue One for over $2 will be donated to Kat Dixon’s Domestic Violence Relief Fund.


Sensibility by Vanessa Bojorn
The Last Gas Station on 57 by Portia Elan
I Give Myself Pep Talks as Katie Oh by Kat Finch
A Lack of an Apologia by Kat Finch
Daddy Longlegs of the Evening – Hope! by Kelly Jones
Pull the Blinds by Kelly Jones
Ex-Wife as Hunting Cabin by Karen Skolfield
Ex-Wife as Farmer’s Market by Karen Skolfield
Confession to Red Bird by M.E. Riley

Creative Non-Fiction

Taipei Notebook by Jean Ho 
Rejected Script from the Six O-clock News by Jill Kolongowski
An Open Letter to the Educational Nonprofit Executive Director who Interviewed me by Janice Sapigao

Flash Fiction

Three Tapes by Sarah Askins


Chronic Urticaria by Mary King
M. Night Shyamalan’s History of the World by Diana Valenzuela
The Night Baker by Caroline Goetze

Cover Artwork

Sawyers Valley by Marijke Loosjes



Founder & Poetry Editor: Kia Groom Non-Fiction Editor: Soleil Ho Fiction Editor: Rachael Peralez
Art Director: Alicia Thompson Online Editorial Assistant: Stephanie Doyle Intern: Nicole McCauley

Readers: Maya Lowy, Jen Hanks, Roxy Seay, Alexandra Reisner, Kami Ownbey

Thank you…To our donors, who monetarily supported us in good faith before we had anything but our thanks to offer in return.

Robin Baudier, Staci Schoenfeld, Melodie Corrigall, Laura LeHew, Sarah Bridgins, Jean Ende, Emily Sullivan, Antonia Malchik, Caroline Goetze and Jill Kolongowski.

Quaint would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for giving us the shout outs and retweets we needed to get this magazine rolling. Getting support from the diverse on-line writing community has meant the world to us. Thank you!

Neil Gaiman, Brooklyn Quarterly, Carolyn Hembree, Margaret Atwood, Suey Park, Route 9, Invisible Publishing, Persephone Magazine, Vagina :: The Zine, Roxane Gay, CN Lester, Writers of Colour, For Books’ Sake, joINT. Literary, Grain Magazine, Kore Press, The Rumpus and Ron Hogan.

Quaint would also like to thank VIDA, whose tireless work documenting the statistics associated with women in the literary and publishing spheres provided the spark from which Quaint flared. You can find VIDA on-line at vidaweb.org

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