A Lack of Apologia – Kat Finch

Where is home?
Yo entiendo.

Trap them in your hair
octopus, corn maze.

Que pasa aqui?
I am a deadly jackalope.

I don’t use words.
I walk on water and –

Yo entiendo.
Gin does smell amazing.

If I hugged a mitochondrion,
I would get a paper cut.

A menagerie fits inside it.
Que pasa aqui?

Lo siento, becita…
Do people sing

“Come on Eileen”
a lot to you?

Get a car, hippie.
Yo entiendo.

Lo siento. Lo siento. Lo siento.

Kat Finch attends the University of Michigan’s Helen Zell Writers’ Program in poetry. She lives with a little orange cat. Her work has appeared, or is forthcoming in Swine, The Pinch, Sixth Finch, Alice Blue Review, & Birdfeast.
You can find her at http://decemberfinch.tumblr.com/

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