Daddy Longlegs of the Evening – Hope! – Kelly Jones

My daddy has longlegs like I do.
He can’t play his instrument.
It is as liquid as he is.

The child covers her eyes to avoid
viewing the gelatinous man.

Above her, a cannon leans on a cane,
shoots out a skinless horse and a puddle
of white goop that pools on the ground.

In the background, in the mist,
people are headless and don’t see
what they don’t want to.

My daddy has longlegs like I do,
legs I hope he never sees again.

Kelly Jones writes, works, and plays in New Orleans. A good deal of her adult life has been devoted to obtaining pieces of papers that verify her knowledge of things. She is terribly fond of manatees, glitter, Wild Turkey, and dance parties. In her spare time she edits The Gambler, lazes by the bayou, and tries to come to terms with the concept of infinity.  She can be found on Tumblr at

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