I Give Myself Pep Talks as Katie Oh – Kat Finch

this is the girl speaking & when her mouth you listen. listen:

my belly is a galaxy, your argument is invalid – for I am a rust / belt

prophetess! fire! smolder! / I am forge! & smith & hammer! / crafter of

suns! / a cosmos cannot contain / me! I am goddess! I am blaze

emblazoned! I am / the face inside the universe! grapes! fans! / palm

fronds! diva is just / another word for I! I am the pinnacle & the

apocalypse / of culture! girl! girl! girl! roar! I am woman! fierce / is

what’s for breakfast! breakfast of champions! pop! / I am the sweet / in

your soda! The pop / in your rocks! highway / 66 will be my parade

route! confetti! roses! contrails / form when I blow / kisses! moons /

strung as pearls / round my figure! Oh! empress! / sister! lover!

Cassiopeia my tiara! / I am harboring / a garden! every flower will be in

my name! in my image! / I name myself womankind! I name / myself

self! woman! call me / bitch! is another word / for fabulous! so / let me

show you / my nerves! nerves of krypton & diamonds / this is an

investment! I am stock / rising! I am what meets / the eye! I call it my

fist! take that / patriarchy! I am a castle / I am a kingdom – / a

queendom! I am uproarious! peach! / alleluia! divinity suits me! like a

glove, / like boots! they aren’t for walking – bitch – / they’re for taking

names! I float / on a palanquin! I hang out with Thor on weekdays / get

manicures with Loki! no one / will define me or denounce / me! I don’t

have to call Captain America / back! I am the breaker of women as / dis-

ease! as firecracker! as mirror! I / want all! I want all women to be /

manifest! to be Oh! just to be! territory / & rocketeer! this is the

unknown! this is a snack! I am built / like an apple, my tongue /

cyanide! let me kiss you / come here.

Kat Finch attends the University of Michigan’s Helen Zell Writers’ Program in poetry. She lives with a little orange cat. Her work has appeared, or is forthcoming in Swine, The Pinch, Sixth Finch, Alice Blue Review, & Birdfeast.

You can find her at http://decemberfinch.tumblr.com/

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