Quaint Magazine – Issue Six





This is not in praise of poisoning myself – Jesse Rice-Evans
Cam Girl: Carolee – Emily Anne Hopkins
Open Season – Torii Johnson
The God of Matches – Torii Johnson
New Year – Lily Myers
horses and hand grenades – Susannah Betts
The Museum – Antonina Palisano
Meanwhile – Tiffany Gibert
Flowers at Lunch – E. Kristin Anderson
The Broken Bone – Jennifer Bradpiece
Marriage – Lisa Mangini
To the Bearded Lady in the Freak Show (Age 4) – Minadora Macheret
Before Feeling Contacted the Marrow – Katie Kelleher
Attempting to Address – Myrrah Dubey
The Heterosexual Dreamhouse – Phoebe Glick

Creative Non-Fiction

It Doesn’t Stop – Rachel Lewis
My Father is Dying – Sarah Sandman
Cowboy – Chachi Hauser
Bone Clean – Ginger Ko
Dispatches from Hospitals – Elizabeth Caplice


Life Vest Under Your Seat – Chelsea Harris
Like Inanna Descending – Danielle Perry
The Rules – Jane Flett
For Want of a Teacher’s Assistant – S.C. Hennessey
Shish Kabob – Ruth Daniell
The Night the Movers Came – Anita Felicelli
Come Down From Your Heights – Amanda Lowe
Leftovers – Sarah Broderick
Graduation Day – Alana King


Mindless & Wild at Heart – Jesse Turetsky

Cover Artwork

Untitled by Rachel Suggs

Rachel Suggs was born in San Antonio and later moved to Dallas, TX. Currently, she works in Baltimore, MD. Her work is specialized in editorial and book illustration. Rachel’s work has shown in several Light Grey Art Lab exhibitions (Rolemodels, Station Zero, Macro vs. Micro), The Johns Hopkins Health Review, The Society of Illustrators, NOBROW 9, and Spectrum 22. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Notes from the Editors

On Saying No.



Founder & Poetry Editor: Kia Groom Non-Fiction Editor: Soleil Ho Fiction Editors: Katie Oldaker and Kailyn McCord
Art Director: Alicia Thompson Social Media: Nicole McCauley Interns: Sophia Luu, Christina Dinh

Readers, Line Editors, and Volunteers: Special thanks go to Stacey Balkun, Eunsong Kim, Alicia Catt, Stephanie Doyle, Alexandra Reisner, Phyllis Dunham, Elizabeth Theriot, and Ashley Robison, without whose help, however great or small, this issue could not have come to be.


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