The Museum – Antonina Palisano


What was our intention
in becoming     There is an abundance of fruit
flies & my eyes won’t focus
In Saughall a woman      grew a basalt horn
at the base of her skull                  there is a year
when the things you held     will calcify            Light
can travel 80 meters       unimpeded
beneath the pack ice of the southern ocean
I can slide the black length of a horn
to the soft down at the nape      Every jagged
thing craves a gut            to puncture          Every
flat shame pulls me         taut
damp &              likely


Our apple blurred
to a deflated & adhesive

If we look close
enough       beyond the hiss
& spatter & the igneous
edge    anchored in a nest
of down: the


The sticky          genesis
The soft pit

of what we loved

Antonina Palisano holds an MFA from Boston University. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Washington Square, Witch Craft Magazine, inter|rupture, The Boiler, Best New Poets 2015, and other places, including the Academy of American Poets website. She lives in Boston.

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