horses and hand grenades – Susannah Betts


lines around the white man’s mouth

hard. Like new England asphalt. Moist. Humid. Breaking apart in clumps like
cancer-hair. Lead in the paint. Graphite lodged in the skin. Scraping
equations into, not looking at the answer. Two cities, three cities, four. Red Alabama
dust on the Nikes, Bangladeshi salt—an orange paste a war paint an appropriation
of a battleground state a crying cultureless in the drying-out grass.

white people so dehydrated.
pupils askew, watching clocks, walking dogs
tables laminated and reflective


like talking race from pinched lips
sucking the IV.

Susannah Betts is from Bowie MD, went to school at Wesleyan University, and now lives in Rochester NY. She is the fiction editor for The Fem and tweets @TheRealSusannah.

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