The Heterosexual Dream House – Phoebe Glick

And of course there is the norm. The dopey banality of love. A list that starts with the sour tone of your
singing voice then stops. The part that got built is the roof. The walls aren’t there yet, and the gender’s a
little tricky too. I’m talking about this dream house. The many floors you will walk over before I come
along for good. Mine is a tunnel, my sister, how she falls away from me, her boyfriend. My test was a list
of questions about my sex drive. As if to say so much design before I arrive as the different driver I will
become. I have lists, floorplans, I have the downy tuft of hair between grasping onto and opening my
fingers to a wild moment of having and releasing again.

Phoebe Glick
is interested in forging radical methods of intimacy and care under a State which endeavors to render those movements impossible. She is a recent graduate of the Pratt MFA in Writing and co-edits The Felt, journal of otherworldy poetics. Recent work can be found on The Feminist Wire, the Fanzine, Big Lucks, and forthcoming as the chapbook Period Appropriate from dancing girl press. Be her friend @phoebeglick.

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