To the Bearded Lady in the Freak Show (Age 4) – Minadora Macheret

Startled, you heard me call out Mama.
The sharp edges of my voice
ran lines of envy
through the curvature of your beard.

Dressed in silks, lavenders and moonlight
lay gently against a bosom full of ache
and wonder. Your face a canvas:
powdered cheeks, highlighted brows,
fire on your lips.
I didn’t see the sprouting hairs
dark and coarsedaring for attention.

Mama, I repeated,
your hair red (just like hers), mounted into waves
coveted setting suns.

You couldn’t move from your prison,
boxed in by performers, your eyes never left mine.

Minadora Macheret
is working on her second Master’s at Kansas State University with a certificate in Technical Writing and Professional Communication. She is one of the poetry editors for Devilfish Review. Most recently, she was awarded the Kansas State Graduate Creative Writing Award in Poetry and the Isabel Sparks President’s Award for Poetry at the 2016 Sigma Tau Delta Convention. Her work is forthcoming or has been published in Quaint, Sugared Water, and other journals and has been on exhibit at the Trude Sojka Casa Cultural in Quito, Ecuador. She spends a lot of her time traveling, reading, or hiking with her beagle, Aki.

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