Quaint Magazine – Issue Three




Quaint Magazine is a literary quarterly that publishes dynamic and arresting poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and other prose by female-identified & gender non-binary writers. We are committed to diversity in publication, as well as giving voice to the strange, the grotesque, and the unusual.

Editor’s Note


i’ve always had a thing for a kid with a habit by Caitlin Baird
How We Made Love by Becca Shaw Glaser
The Deconstruction of Dorothy Parker by Staci Schoenfeld
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Spinster by L.A. Owens
Creature Comforts for the Damned, Monday by Courtney Hilden
Day of the Dead by Shelley Wong
Regarding My Grade School Boyfriend by Jessie Strauss
Fanny, You’re Bohemian! by Jessie Strauss
Hybristophilia IV by Mo Hawthorne
Hybristophilia V by Mo Hawthorne



If Love Is A Social Construct, Then I’m Willing to Build the Sears Tower by Sara Leavens



The Three-Legged Woman Meets Her Mate (Chapter One of An Unnatural History of Humans in Love) by Rose Wednesday
Omniscience by Susan DeFreitas
The Exquisite Corpse by Melody Sage
Figurehead by Magda Knight

Flash Fiction

Vaginatarian by Chelsey Clammer
How the Eye Works by Carol Shillibeer

Cover Artwork

Fingerspelling Lesson by t pomar

t pomar is a Brighton-based grrrl academic. When not reading queer/feminist theory, this queermo can be found writing; drawing; looking for hidden treasures in second-hand bookstores; fiddling with her microKORG; ranting on about one thing or another; flicking through the latest issues at Dave’s Comics; drinking cheap whiskey in the North Laine district. Not simultaneously… that’d be crazy and some serious bionic multitasking… which would be amazing!   



Founder & Poetry Editor: Kia Groom Non-Fiction Editor: Soleil Ho Fiction Editor: Rachael Peralez
Art Director: Alicia Thompson   Intern: Nicole McCauley

Readers: Maya Lowy, Jen Hanks, Stephanie Doyle, Alexandra Reisner

Donors: Carol Shillibeer, Sarah Black, Meg Sefton, Julie Gilbert, Carolyn Smuts, Erin Popelka, Emily Caobianco ,Carmen Aiken, Patricia Connolly, Kristin Agudelo, t pomar, Judith Ann and Clare Harmon.

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