Creature Comforts for the Damned, Monday – Courtney Hilden 

I wanted to hold a wake
for Summer, so Constant
Comment and The O.C
it was.
I waited
for the rain to stop or the truck
to come. I rode
to the apartment and unwrapped my grandfather’s
furniture, delicately because of the stripped
screws. Yusef came
in, an entire perfumery following
him like baby ducks. He rolled
the legs of the desk
in. I went home, and she
there, being tutored by
our mother. 

Courtney Hilden is one of the writers behind The Adventures of Snortblat and a reader for Bayou Magazine. She has a M.A. in English from the University of New Orleans and a B.A. in English and history from Michigan State University. Her academic work has focused on gender and race. She has worked as an instructor at the University of New Orleans and an editor at Arthur, South End Press, The Offbeat, and The Red Cedar Review. She has been published in numerous places, including Ellipsis, The Offbeat, Under the Microscope, The Red Cedar Review, Arthur, Clique Clack, Poets for Living Waters, and Lansing City Pulse. She lives in Detroit.

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