Day of the Dead – Shelley Wong

    after Frida Kahlo

                                         I’m the branch that twists to meet
the sun, the razor that snaps, the dirty coin
                                                      between your fingers


                                         a teetotum lady     you’re foreshortened,
a paper-thin face eyeing
                                                      the seams of my body, hungry for


                                          my rising skirt             a spectator with your mouth
full of pins       I’m both él and la:
                                                      the bruja that rages, sugared in jewels


                                          the ladrón who ignites the net
I’m the ladder climbing up to your window
                                                       I’m the skeleton burning in every shade of gold

Shelley Wong is a Kundiman fellow who lives in the Bay Area. Her poems have appeared in Devil’s Lake, Ninth Letter Online, The Collagist, CutBank, and Linebreak. She is the recipient of the 2014 Normal Prize for poetry.

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