Fanny, You’re Bohemian! – Jessie Strauss

They married in a blow up bouncy house
guests glimpsing through mesh walls.

Wiry when they met, two full-mouthed squirrels
colliding on a well placed log.

Between two tan mansions they made
a modest home strewn with balloon animals

and cat print pillows.  At swing dancing seminars
they practiced humming, and when hunting

brought home broken arrows.
Fancied themselves tenderhearted

harbored parrots and songbirds, along
with the occasional middle aged orphan:

three adults for years sharing one toilet and fifteen spoons.
So she left him
in the middle of the afternoon.

Jessie Strauss is serious about: coffee, astrology, and Louisa May Alcott.  She has lived in New Orleans for almost a year as an MFA candidate at the University of New Orleans.  She runs a seasonal reading series and publishes an accompanying zine called MAD ZINEIUS.

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