Regarding My Grade School Boyfriend – Jessie Strauss

A face with nebulous edges.
I dubbed him, ‘dimpled and dreamy.’
A paired project on our shared heritage
brought me jealous glares from all the girls
that week.  When illness hit, pills kept me
from convulsing.  And fleshed me out threefold;
the only ten year old with marshmallow thighs.
When invited to my birthday, he
silently declined
ditching his gift instead, conciliatory
drawing tools, on my doorstep, like a baby
in a wicker bassinet.  He scratched a note,
  You look like a joke,
as if he spoke for everyone.

Jessie Strauss is serious about: coffee, astrology, and Louisa May Alcott.  She has lived in New Orleans for almost a year as an MFA candidate at the University of New Orleans.  She runs a seasonal reading series and publishes an accompanying zine called MAD ZINEIUS.

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