Just a tiny update, but we were thrilled to find out that Issue 2 had been reviewed by the lovely Lindsey Grudnicki from Minerva Rising!

Here’s what Grudnicki had to say about Quaint:

“…the team behind Quaint Magazine has put together an applause-worthy second issue. Publishing work by “female-identified writers” that gives voice “to the strange, the grotesque, and the unusual,” the magazine offers a wide range of poetry and prose that speaks with a strong, unexpectedly unified voice throughout the issue. From the cover art of a human skull encircled by a crown of blooming bulbs, the interplay between death and life, decay and growth, and desolation and beauty is examined throughout; each piece provides a new look at the human experience tainted by ironies, hypocrisies, complications, and mysteries….”


You can read the rest of Lindsey’s review here, at Minerva Rising!


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