It’s Sailor Moon Saturday! Ever Saturday, our wonderful CNF editor Soleil Ho will review a new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal (watch it now on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and other reputable online entertainment hubs). We’re making sure to keep a few episodes behind, giving you plenty of time to catch up and allow for spoiler-free watching.

OK, so this week sucked, huh? I mean, it’s good in the sense that healing is good, but if there’s any time to relax and watch some Sailor Moon, it’s times like these, when you feel haunted by fuckboys left and right. Let’s watch some girls support each other!


“No one can bring down a girl in love!” – Sailor Jupiter


In the literal first scene of this episode, the ~mysterious transfer student~ Makoto casually saves Usagi from certain death as she spaces out in front of a speeding car. At school, their peers whisper that Makoto has “superhuman strength”; that and her height make her stick out, just like with Ami’s intelligence and Rei’s vague psychic powers. I like that Makoto saves Usagi’s life multiple times before she even realizes she’s Sailor Jupiter — she’s just that much of a badass.


I also really like Makoto because she’s tough, but unapologetically feminine in her interests. She busts through the assumption that you can either be a tomboy or a girly girl, and no one in the series ever marvels at that seeming contradiction. You can throw a baseball 100mph AND aspire to open a flower shop! You can punch demons straight in the face AND want to fall in love! This is the kind of “having it all” that I’m into. Not the material ideal of having a job and kids and a house or whatever, but the ability to embody everything you want to be, expanding your sense of self into a writhing, boundless mass of excellence.


Anyway, I guess the actual plot of this episode involves a ghost bride or something? Oh, that Dark Kingdom and their ridiculous plans. At least it produces a funny scene of a bunch of hapless dudes clutching mannequins in a warehouse. Haha!


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