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Kia Groom

Kia Groom

Founding Editor / Managing Editor

Kia is a writer, poet, essayist, and pop-culture critic. She was born in the UK, grew up in Perth, Western Australia, and now spends her time battling unreasonably sized insects in New Orleans, Louisiana. A graduate of the MFA program at the University of New Orleans, her work has appeared in Birdfeast, Inky Needles, Going Down Swinging, Cordite, The Mary Sue, The Establishment, and others, as well as being nominated for various awards including a Pushcart Prize. She is fascinated by work that blurs the lines between pulp and realism, and writing that explores themes of childhood, sexuality, femininity, gore, horror, and otherness.

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  • Murder Podcasts 75%
  • Mothering Felines 98%
  • Law & Order: SVU 69%
  • Being Anxious 72%

Soleil Ho

Founding Editor

In 2015 Soleil left Quaint to pursue a full-time culinary career, and her own writing. We miss her very much.

Soleil can write the hell out of an essay on obscure pop culture, but she often has difficulty with autobiographical blurbs. You could probably come up with a reasonable estimate of her personality if you threw Chloe, Sailor Moon, and Kenny Shopsin into a blender. She is still waiting to read the ultimate dissection of working class artistic life as depicted in the 2004 feature film version of The Phantom of the Opera.

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  • Assaulting the Patriarchy 91%
  • Being Super Fly 89%
  • Cooking Delicious Meals 100%
  • Not Spilling Flour All Over Herself 5%

Nicole McCauley

Social Media Manager

Mostly, Nicole spends her days thinking of ways to hide how obsessed she really is with One Direction. This is harder than you’d think; she can’t talk about them at work and if she invites people into her home she will inevitably have to answer the question “Who is that?” as a hand points to the life-sized mask of Zayn Malik hanging from her ceiling. Nicole will say, “Oh, him? That’s Zayn,” as casual as you please, like it’s not killing her to avoid rolling her eyes into oblivion at the callousness of such a question. When she’s not doing this, Nicole is adding new dark lipsticks to her collection and trying desperately to keep her bamboo alive. She’s getting an MBA in Nonprofit Management so she can one day boss people around into doing good for others.

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  • Wearing All Black 98%
  • Glaring 97%
  • Not Following Recipes 94%
  • Dancing on Her Own 87%

Katie Oldaker

Fiction Co-Editor

Katie Oldaker is a copywriter and social media enthusiast from the Rust Belt. She holds a BFA in Writing for Performance, Publication, and Media from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Her work has appeared on the blogs of BUST Magazine and, as well as in the online journals Literary Orphans and 7 Stops Magazine. For three years, she served as an Associate Fiction Editor and Co-Founder of Revolution House Magazine. She currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA, where she is attempting to consume all the sandwiches with french fries and cole slaw on them.

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  • Wearing Pretty Dresses 99%
  • Thinking About Beyonce 96%
  • Watching Aaron Sorkin Dramas 92%
  • Checking Facebook 100%

Alicia Thompson

Art Director / Designer

Alicia Thompson is a certified crazy cat lady who lives in a desert wasteland filled with weird wildlife. She is also an artist, illustrator and designer comprised of equal parts snark and whimsy.

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  • Designing Things 87%
  • Making Collages 63%
  • Feeding Cats 99%
  • Procrastination 62%

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