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Quaint’s sixth and final issue is now available to read.

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Quaint Magazine is a literary quarterly that publishes dynamic, arresting, and transgressive poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction by female and gender non-binary writers. Accordingly, we are trans inclusive. We are strongly committed to publishing work from traditionally marginalized writers, giving voice to the strange, the weird, and the unsettling.

The Quaint Team

kiaKia Groom

Founding Editor/Poetry Editor

[ Website | Twitter | Tumblr ]
  • Sleeping 100%
  • Mothering Felines 99%
  • Hemorrhaging Glitter 69%
  • Being Anxious 72%

soleilSoleil Ho

Founding Editor / Non-Fiction Editor

[ Twitter | Tumblr ]
  • Assaulting the Patriarchy 91%
  • Being Super Fly 89%
  • Cooking Delicious Meals 100%
  • Not Spilling Flour All Over Herself 5%

kailyn200Kailyn McCord

Fiction Co-Editor

  • Nonviolent Communication 80%
  • Perfecting Shower Playlists 77%
  • Typing Zines 90%
  • Chain Smoking 65%

nicoleNicole McCauley

Social Media Manager

[ Twitter ]
  • Wearing All Black 98%
  • Glaring 97%
  • Not Following Recipes 94%
  • Dancing on Her Own 87%

Katie Oldaker

Fiction Co-Editor

  • Wearing Pretty Dresses 99%
  • Thinking About Beyonce 96%
  • Watching Aaron Sorkin Dramas 92%
  • Checking Facebook 100%

aliciaAlicia Thompson

Art Director/ Designer

[ Website | Twitter | Tumblr | Facebook ]
  • Designing Things 87%
  • Making Collages 63%
  • Feeding Cats 99%
  • Procrastination 63%

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I'm not a big fan of self-help books. Maybe it's the arrogant assumption that I've already learned enough from my own (many and varied) mistakes, or my inherent mistrust of anyone claiming to be an expert. The last book on relationships I picked up was The Ethical...

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