Quaint Magazine – Issue Five




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Elegy in Blank Verse – Michelle Lin
House of Foals – Nichole Riggs
Ripcaged – Nichole Riggs
The Blame and Shame of It – Jessie Janeshek
Pincers – Juliet Cook
Pseudomonarchia Lacrimae – Sonya Vatomsky
Strange Friend: 1. Arrival – Sara Biggs Chaney
On Swinging to the Stooges – Olivia Olson
Strange Things Done – Anna Maxymiw
Cassandra For Now – Luiza Flynn-Goodlett
Self Defense: Ahop & Yul – Yu-Han Chao
Appendix: Online How-To D&C – Sarah B. Boyle
Natural Birth – Shelby Dale DeWeese
Existing as Defiance – Elizabeth Kohler
Like Any Carcass – Elizabeth Kohler
From Seven Houses (2435 Pauger Street) – Nordette Adams
From Seven Houses (75 Audubon Place) – Nordette Adams

Creative Non-Fiction

My Pretty Pink Puffed Sleeves – Lydia Spitler
Like, Gag Me with a Spoon – Isabelle Davis
V-Day – Tyrese Coleman
I Was Ravished by a Man Wearing a Cape and No Shirt – Elaina G. Smith [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 ]


Muriel and the Lion’s Den – Amy Fant
Learned Helplessness – Naadeyah Haseeb
Beautiful Beasts – Deanne Gertner
Date Anxiety – Lauren Thurman
Pores – H Kapp-Klote
Bright, Bright Electric Green – Tessa Cheek

Cover Artwork

Conejo by Inés Estrada

Notes from the Editors



Founder & Poetry Editor: Kia Groom Co-Founder & Non-Fiction Editor: Soleil Ho Fiction Editors: Kailyn McCord & Katie Oldaker
Art Director: Alicia Thompson Intern Coordinator: Nicole McCauley Interns: Sophia Luu, Christina Dinh

Readers: Stephanie Doyle, Clare Harmon, Jen Hanks, Alexandra Reisner, Eunsong Kim.

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