Quaint Magazine – Issue Four






Telegony – Hannah Baggott
The Twittering Machines – Susan Cronin
Daddy’s Friend Stan – Alexis Rhone Fancher
Tails – Julie Feng
Phoenix Talons – Julie Feng
On Red – Jade Hurter
Vancouver, July 2012 – Jade Hurter
Humans on the Half Shell – Kathryn Jacobs
Off Label – Jill Khoury
From Ghosty Boo – Kate Litterer
Beyonce Feminism – Allie Moreno
Terraforming – Allie Moreno
Traversing the Fantome – Karissa Morton
Etymology of the Body – Karissa Morton
You Bring Out my Worst Side – Emily O’Neill
all the reasons why – Emily O’Neill
The Movable Charolais – Amy Pence
a.p. – original and translation – Raquel Salas-Rivera
Spoiling – Nicole Rollender
Sonnet 15 – Nikki Wallschlaeger

Creative Non-Fiction

Bluff Country – Alicia Catt
Duality – Danielle Gillespie
Conversation with my Dead Cat – Kelly Harwood


The Edge – Katrina Carrasco
Skin – Red Durkin
Collective Property – Kelsie Hahn
What’s Happening on the News – Chavisa Woods


Open – Katie Collier
Tails (Companion) – Keira McKenzie
Phoenix Talons (Companion) – Keira McKenzie
I can’t think anything else – Viola V
The Children in that Country – Clare Welsh
Death Becomes Her – Clare Welsh
What is it to be Loved, Even? – Sara Xerta & Elizabeth Schmuhl

Cover Artwork

Lady of the Pink Lake by Rebecca Chaperon

Notes from the Editors



Founder & Poetry Editor: Kia Groom Non-Fiction Editor: Soleil Ho Guest Fiction Co-Editor: Jeanne Thornton
Art Director: Alicia Thompson Guest Poetry Co-Editor: Eunsong Kim Interns: Nicole McCauley, Sophia Luu, Christina Dinh

Readers: Stephanie Doyle, Clare Harmon, Maya Lowy, Jen Hanks, Kailyn McCord, Alexandra Reisner.


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