Quaint Magazine – Issue Two



Quaint Magazine is a literary quarterly that publishes dynamic and arresting poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and other prose by female-identified writers. We are committed to diversity in publication, as well as giving voice to the strange, the grotesque, and the unusual.

Editors Note


Pursued by Julie Brooks Barbour

Astro Advice by Sarah Bridgins

Goldilocks Zone by Sarah Bridgins

Girl of Nightmares by Kori Hensell

Little Foundling by Kori Hensell

For to the Hungry Soul, Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet by Clare Harmon

Containment Narrative by Clare Harmon

iNicked by iDrew

On Edna St Vincent Millay’s Ivory Dildo by Maya Lowy

Tenor Suite by Maya Lowy

After Hysterectomy by Leslie McGrath

Please, Space by Suzanne Wise

Creative Non-Fiction

Can the Neo-Colonialist Writers Shut Up? Thank You in Advance by Eunsong Kim
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Flash Fiction

Lavender by  Maggie Bàra

Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One by Colleen Burner

Keeping Samson by Diana Rohlman


Mermaids by Amarie Fox

Cover Artwork

Memento Flori by Alicia Thompson

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Founder & Poetry Editor: Kia Groom Non-Fiction Editor: Soleil Ho Fiction Editor: Rachael Peralez
Art Director: Alicia Thompson Online Editorial Assistant: Stephanie Doyle Intern: Nicole McCauley

Readers: Maya Lowy, Jen Hanks, Alexandra Reisner, Kami Ownbey

Donors: Benjamin Hart, Caylin Capra-Thomas, Margarita Guidos, Natalie OHalloran, Clint Campbell, Mathew De Piazza

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